Dotted Lines

In My Heart

Ammama’s Sari

Somnath Hore: Wounds

Rain Must Fall 🏆

Bandilanka’s Forgotten Lives

The Secret Life of Debbie G.

The Teenage Diary of Razia Sultan

Queen of Earth

Oonga 🏆

Nomad’s Land

Gravepyres School for the Recently Deceased

The Big thoughts of Little Luv

Thatha’s Pumpkin

Cat, Come Back

Cat’s Diwali

Ammu and The Sparrows 🏆

Journey to the Forbidden City

Young Pandavas: The City of Elephants

The Torchbearers

The Piano: Story of a Friendship

The Adventures of the Kohinoor 🏆

No Nonsense Nandhini

The Chirmi Chasers

The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street 🏆

Mini’s Questions

Friends Behind Walls

The Clockwala’s Clues

Topi Rockets from Thumba

When the World Went Dark 🏆

Uncle Nehru, Please Send An Elephant!

The Best At It

That Night

The Girl Who Was a Forest: Janaki Ammal

The Homework

Jamlo Walks 🏆

Paati’s Rasam

Bumoni’s Banana Trees 🏆

Ikru’s First Day of School