The Neev Book Award

The Neev Book Award (NBA) for distinguished children’s literature aims to recognize outstanding writing that leads to a fuller understanding of India, Indian lives, and Indian stories. This award was instituted in 2018, as the Neev Literature Festival extended its vision to promote and encourage high-quality children’s literature from India.

The NBA aims to raise awareness nationally and globally about original, distinguished children’s literature from India and the diaspora. It is a platform to discover stories and voices with fresh
and different perspectives. The award promotes children’s books so that Indian children may see aspects of themselves and their world reflected in the literature they read.

In 2024, the Neev Book Award will be awarded to a single title across all age categories.

The winner will be honoured at the Neev Literature Festival with a cash award of 3 lakh Indian rupees, a trophy, and a certificate. While the prize is conferred to only one book, the award honours and applauds all those who contribute to building a rich body of children’s literature that builds empathy and resilience, explores conflict, negotiates identity, and inspires future changemakers.

Each title on the shortlist will be of a quality that makes it a contender for the award. There will be a single shortlist with an age recommendation provided for each title. 
As such, each title on the shortlist will receive a prize of Rs 1 lakh. For each shortlisted title, from the total prize of Rs 1 lakh, an amount of Rs 50000 will be disbursed to the awardee while the remaining will be used for a book promotion tour.
The Neev Book Award aims to encourage Indian authors and publishers to create memorable and engaging literature for children of all ages.

Neev Book Award 2018 Winners

Tiger Boy 🏆

Young Readers

Neev Book Award 2019 Winners

Ahimsa 🏆

Junior Readers

Machher Jhol 🏆

Picture Books

Neev Book Award 2020 Winners

Neev Book Award 2021 Winners

Neev Book Award 2022 Winners

Neev Book Award 2023 Winners