Author: Likla Lall

Illustrator: Kripa Bhatia

Publisher: Art1st Enterprise

About the book: Wounds talks to children about difficult emotions. It brings them closer to the feelings of pain, anger, fear and uncertainty through the life of the eminent artist Somnath Hore. This picture book biography takes you through the sculptor’s and printmaker’s journey with the wounds of the world and how they became the heart of his art. The story is thoughtfully pieced together by author, Likla, and brought to life by the painstaking and captivating Hore-inspired art of illustrator and artist, Kripa Bhatia. The writer-artist duo, along with designer Shambhavi Thakur, have spent several months of the lockdown carefully curating the life events and artworks of Somnath Hore into this delicately assembled book for young readers.