The People of the Indus

The Ghost of Malabar

The Train to Tanjore

When Blackbirds Fly

The Sweet Shop Wars

Misfit Madhu

Roshan’s Road to Music

The Monster Who Could not Climb a Tree

We are the Dancing Forest

The Enchanted Cottage

My Street

My Paati’s Saris


Boy No. 32

Ela | NBA Honour

The House That Spoke

Rasha: Little Girl, Big Heart

Like Smoke: A Collection

What Maya Saw | NBA Honour

Queen of Ice 🏆

The Little Ninja Sparrows

The Boy Who Swallowed a Nail and Other Stories

Flipped: Funny Stories/Scary Stories

Tiger by the Tail | NBA Honour

Dead As A Dodo

Timmi in Tangles | NBA Honour

Tiger Boy 🏆

The Tree Lover

I Will Save My Land 🏆

Catch That Cat! | NBA Honour

Bhimrao Ambedkar: The Boy Who Asked Why

Janice Goes to China Town

Ammachi’s Amazing Machines | NBA Honour

Our Incredible Cow

Year of the Weeds 🏆

When Morning Comes

This is Me, Mayil


Indira | NBA Honour