Reading Schedule

NLF Reading Challenge 2024

Juniper’s ChristmasEoin Colfer
Leeva at LastSara Pennypacker
Postcard from the Lushai BrigadeHannah Lalhanpuii
Miazy Chen’s Last ChanceLisa Yee
Bipathu and a Very Big DreamAnita Nair
The SwiftsBeth Lincoln
The Ice ChildrenM.G. Leonard
Violet and Jobbie in the WildLynne Rae Perkins
Mirror to MirrorRajani LaRocca
The Wild Robot ProtectsPeter Brown
Ammini Against the StormVishaka George
GossamerLois Lowry
The Impossible CreaturesKatherine Rundell
StarboardNicola Skinner
Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor ProphecyAngie Thomas
As Brave As YouJason Reynolds
Meera Mukherjee: Breaking MouldsVaishali Shroff, Shivam Choudhary
The Missing BarbegaziH.S. Norup
Oscar’s LionAdam Baron
Safiyyah’s WarHiba Noor Khan
The Talking BookJane De Suza
Who’s Afraid of a Giant Wheel?Zainab Sulaiman
The Case of the Lighthouse Intruder: Di Island Crew InvestigatesKereen Getten
While the Storm RagesPhil Earle
When Fairyland Lost Its MagicBijal Vachharajani and Rajiv Eipe
Once There WasKiyash Monsef
Where The River Takes UsLesley Parr