Author: Vinitha

Illustrator: Kripa

Publisher: The People Place Project

About the book: Are there villages inside cities? Are there villages where you live? In one village, inside a well known city is little Meena who has found something. Lost and Found is a woven, multilayered story of an unnoticed cityscape and about a species that has been dwindling. It will leave you with a new lens to look at urban spaces. Meena tucks her find in the palm of her hand and runs through her village, before prying eyes see her. Will she be able to do what she has headed out to do?

Lost and Found is a part of the ‘City Mosaics’ series intended to celebrate the city by examining, savouring and reflecting. The pockets of our city that we zoom past everyday, events that define our cultural legacy and our relationship with both the built and natural environment that surrounds us, are some of what City Mosaic hopes to explore. Each book is a mosaic that will come together to build the collective story of this city we live in.