NLF Reading Challenge 2024

Grades 4-6 | 3 months | 30 books | Unlimited fun

The NLF Reading Challenge is designed to get children to read more, reflect on and discuss their reading, interact with authors, and connect with other readers like themselves.

Registrations for the NLF Reading Challenge 2024 closed on June 15, 2024. 

Who is it for?

  1. Children from Grades 4-6 who love to read.

  2. Parents, librarians, teachers, siblings or other adults who wish to nominate young readers.

How does it work?

  1. There are 2 Tracks for the Challenge: the Competitive and the Non-Competitive Track.

  2. A Reading Schedule is shared at the start of the Challenge in July, 2024 to help the participants navigate their reading.


For more details, access the terms of participation

Curious to know what the participants are reading this year?


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Winners of the NLF Reading Challenge 2023

1st Place

Archana Misra
Anika G
Myra Ashree

Pep School V2, Bengaluru

2nd Place

Dia Suresh
Leher Medda
Rishitha Ivy Rajkumar

Neev Academy, Bengaluru

3rd Place

Ananyaa Lapsiwala
Viyona Desai
Vansh Virani

Fountainhead School, Surat

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