ANGIE as she prefers to be called, lives and speaks designs and loves experimenting with new ideas in baking, gardening, crochet, macrame and pottery. She is living proof that good things come in small packages as well as a paradox who is always dreaming big. When she passes the age of 50, she plans on making it big as a ceramic artist. In her quest to see something new, Angie loves travelling and meeting new people. The more she does this, the more it affirms her belief that humans are not of this planet. Presently, Angie serves as a co-founder of ‘The Other Design Studio,’ a creative venture she embarked upon with her husband Upesh, an endeavors that has flourished for more than two decades. Angie have taken on the role of managing trustees at an autism school in Bangalore, where she active engagement extends to fundraising and networking responsibilities.