Srinivasa Ramanujan: Friend of Numbers 🏆

Author: Priya Narayanan Illustrator: Satwik Gade Publisher: Tulika Publishers  About the book: “What will happen if I add up all the numbers in the world?” “is there a last number?” a toddler captivated by patterns… A little boy filling his slate with numbers, rubbing them out with his elbow and starting again… A teenager solving complex […]

The Girl Who Ironed Her Hair and Other Stories

Author: Lalita Iyer Publisher: Scholastic India  About the book: Adventurous Lalli and her quirky brother Shivi get into all kinds of madcap escapades—taming crazy curly hair to fart competitions and stealing roses. With a dash of mischief, a pinch of daring and a whole lot of fun, these delightful short stories will have you laughing […]

Rattu and Poorie’s Adventures in History

Author: Parvati Sharma Illustrator: Megha Menon Publisher: Puffin  About the book: ‘Come along, then,’ said Lakshmi Bai and Jhalkari Bai. ‘Come along and listen.’ Rattu is in a bad, mad mood. Her bossy older sister, Poorie, has taken her toys and gone off to play without her. Rattu has made ghastly faces at everyone: Roundy […]

Letters to Ammi

Author: Aftab Yusuf Shaikh Photographs : Adrija Ghosh and Soumitra Ranade Publisher: Karadi Tales Company Private Limited About the book: A young girl traces her mother’s journey through the city of Delhi, writing letters to her along the way. Every monument holds a memory; every letter tells a story, and Fatima wants nothing more than […]

Hungry To Play

Author: Arti Sonthalia Publisher: Scholastic India  About the book: Game, set and match! Kabir eats, sleeps and breathes tennis. But when he starts doing badly in Maths, his parents make him a deal—tuitions first, tennis second. To top that, Kabir has to deal with his annoying sister, Mira, the irritating show-off, Neel, and some strange […]

The Gular Flower

Author: Rinchin Illustrator: Vipul Verma Publisher: Tulika Publishers  About the book: The gular, or cluster fig, flower is very very beautiful, everyone says, and renchu is desperate to see it. But is it red and big, pink and small, or white and shining like a star? Does it Bloom during full moon in the month […]

The Mountains of Mumbai 🏆

Author: Labanya Ghosh Illustrator: Pallavi Jain Publisher: Karadi Tales Company Private Limited About the book: Doma has come all the way from Ladakh to visit her friend Veda in Mumbai. While Doma loves the sights and sounds of the big city, she longs for the mountains of Ladakh. Imagine her surprise when Veda reveals that […]

Lost and Found in a Mumbai Koliwada

Author: Vinitha Illustrator: Kripa Publisher: The People Place Project About the book: Are there villages inside cities? Are there villages where you live? In one village, inside a well known city is little Meena who has found something. Lost and Found is a woven, multilayered story of an unnoticed cityscape and about a species that […]

Dotted Lines

Author: Bhuri Bhai Bhil Illustrator: Debjani Mukherjee Publisher: Katha Books About the book:Learn all about the Bhil tribal people of Madhya Pradesh, earth-caring artists and storytellers. Awesome art brings to life a heartwarming story of a Bhil girl as she becomes an artist, seeing her own world with new creativity.

In My Heart

Author: Nandana Dev Sen Illustrator: Ruchi Mhasane Publisher:  Puffin  About the book: Mia knows that she came out of Mumma’s heart and Papa’s heart. That’s why she’s so much like them. But when Mia learns that she has a tummy mummy too, she can’t wait to find her! Does anyone know where her tummy mummy […]