A Match Made in Mehendi

Author: Nandini Bajpai Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers About the book: Fifteen-year-old Simran “Simi” Sangha comes from a long line of Indian vichole — matchmakers — with a rich history for helping parents find good matches for their grown children. When Simi accidentally sets up her cousin and a soon-to-be lawyer, her family […]

The Prince 🏆

Author: Samhita Arni Publisher: Juggernaut  About the book: The famous dancer Madhavi is at the court of the chera king for a grand performance. The kingdom first son, shenguttuvan – The crown prince of the cheras – is getting ready for his engagement to a velir princess. There is celebration in the air. But when […]

The Lies We Tell

Author: Himanjali Sankar Publisher: Duckbill Books About the book: Seventeen-year-old Irfan Ahmed is handsome, easy-going and deeply in love with his girlfriend, Uma. However, when Uma dumps him for his best friend, Rishi, Irfan’s life begins to unravel.Things haven’t been good at home ever since his sister left. And soon, they get worse. He stops […]

Being Gandhi

Author: Paro Anand Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s  About the Book: How many times are kids supposed to study Gandhi? Come September and out comes the bald head wig, round glasses, white dhoti, tall stick … that’s about the extent of how today’s kids engage with the Mahatma. Chandrashekhar is one such teen. Bored by the annual […]

Grit: The Major Story

Author(s): Major DP Singh , VR Ferose , Sriram Jagannathan Publisher: Hachette India  About the Book: Grit: The Major Story is the true account of a man who rose from humble beginnings to become a hero. Faced with the tragic loss of a limb while serving on the frontlines during the Kargil War, Major Singh’s […]

The Rise of the Midnight King

Author: Olivier Lafont Publisher: Speaking Tiger Publishing Private Limited About the Book: In the shadow of the Himalayas, a fantastic saga has begun. With zombie clowns, flying gods, exotic animals and a curious bunch of children who refuse to be defeated… Every summer, twins Shari and Tal Kandhari, sisters Iti and Trikaya Pillai, and Safir […]


Author: Debasmita Dasgupta Publisher: Scholastic India About the book: Thirteen-year-old Nadya lives a happy, carefree life nurtured by the love of her parents and the home they have built together. But, one day, things start to fall apart, which eventually leads to her parents’ separation. Heartbroken and distraught, Nadya can’t believe that her father would […]

Flyaway Boy

Author: Jane De Suza Publisher: Puffin About the book: Kabir doesn’t fit in. Not in the wintry hill town he lives in, and not in his school, where the lines are always straight. Backed into a corner with no way out, Kabir vanishes. With every adult’s nightmare now coming true, finding this flyaway boy will […]

All of Me 🏆

Author: Venita Coelho Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s About the book: London, 1854: Castor is discovered locked away in a basement. He has been there for five years, but he hasn’t been alone. The Family has kept him company. These are his multiple personalities that have emerged out of the dark. Mr Pickwick is the father figure […]

Unlucky Chumki

Author: Lesley D. Biswas  Publisher: Duckbill About the book: Everyone says Chumki is unlucky and makes things go wrong with her ‘magic’. No wonder she has no friends.Can her brother Aki’s plan help Chumki make friends?