The Mountains of Mumbai 🏆

Author: Labanya Ghosh Illustrator: Pallavi Jain Publisher: Karadi Tales Company Private Limited About the book: Doma has come all the way from Ladakh to visit her friend Veda in Mumbai. While Doma loves the sights and sounds of the big city, she longs for the mountains of Ladakh. Imagine her surprise when Veda reveals that […]

Rain Must Fall 🏆

Author:Nandita Basu Publisher: Duckbill Books About the book: Rumi is not too enthusiastic about accompanying Baba to the sleepy village of Shankerpur, where he is planning to convert their ancestral home into a bed and breakfast. But Rumi is happy to be away from school and friends who have problems understanding Rumi’s identity.In the middle […]

Oonga 🏆

Author: Devashish Makhija  Publisher: Tulika About the book: Every now and then, the lush Green of the hills is hacked by wastelands of bleeding red Earth and limbless tree stumps. Over these, a signboard ‘India aluminum inc.’—With a big eye—keeps an eerie, humming, omnipotent watch. And it is with riveting cinematic metaphors like this that […]

Ammu and The Sparrows 🏆

Author: Vinitha R Illustrator: Jayesh Sivan  Publisher: Pratham Books About the book: Ammu spends his days with Ammamma. He feeds the birds and waits to see if Amma and Accha sparrow will come visit.

The Adventures of the Kohinoor 🏆

Author: William Dalrymple, Anita Anand and Devika Cariapa Publisher: Juggernaut About the book: Think jewels are boring? You’ll change your mind when you read about the Kohinoor, history’s most famous diamond. Legend says it carries a curse that brings bad luck to all its owners. Some of India’s most powerful kings possessed it and lost […]

The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street 🏆

Author: Nandita da Cunha Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan Publisher: Kalpavriksh About the Book: Young Zara sits alone every evening, in a dump yard on Sunderbaag Street. One day, Miss Gappi plants an idea in Zara’s mind. This sets them off on a mission that changes Zara’s life… and the lives of many who live on Sunderbaag […]

When the World Went Dark 🏆

Author: Jane De Suza Publisher: Puffin Books About the book: You left your jokes and funny faces in my mind. You left our secrets and your knitting behind. I’m still sad. I’ll always be. I love you times infiniteeeeeeeey. You don’t mind that I can’t rhyme. I don’t know how to end this, will someone […]

Jamlo Walks 🏆

Author: Samina Mishra Illustrator: Tarique Aziz Publisher: Puffin Books About the book: The world has stood still. The streets lie empty and schools are closed. All work has dried up and people keep whispering the word ‘corona’ all the time. Jamlo walks down a long and hot road, alongside hundreds of other men and women […]

Bumoni’s Banana Trees 🏆

Author: Mita Bordoloi Illustrator: Tarique Aziz Publisher: Tulika Publishers About the book: Bumoni’s big backyard, just outside the Kaziranga National Park, is bursting with banana trees. But one night, a herd of wild elephants crosses the river, discovers the trees, and gorges on them. What will Bumoni’s family do now?