Queen of Ice 🏆

Author: Devika Rangachari Publisher: Duckbill  About the book: Despised by her father and bullied by his heir, Didda’s childhood is miserable and her future, bleak. When she is married off to the dissolute ruler of Kashmira, she must learn to hold her own in a court ridden with factions and conspiracies. But Didda is no […]

Tiger Boy 🏆

Author: Mitali Perkins Publisher: Penguin Random House Charlesbridge About the book: Neel’s parents want him to win a scholarship, and go to the big city to study. But Neel doesn’t want to leave his beloved sundarbans, with its and then a tiger cub goes missing from the reserve! The evil Gupta wants to sell the […]

I Will Save My Land 🏆

Author: Rinchin Illustrator: Sagar Kolwankar Publisher: Tulika Publishers  About the book: Mati pesters her grandmother and father for her own plot of land in the big field. When she does get it, she works hard. And then she hears that a company wants to make a coal mine in their village – the enormous black […]

Year of the Weeds 🏆

Author: Siddhartha Sarma Publisher: Duckbill Books and Publications Pvt Ltd About the book: ‘Sometimes, Korok, it is best if the sorkar forgets you.’Korok lives in a small Gond village in western Odisha. His life is in the garden which he tends every day. Anchita lives in the house which has the garden and is an […]

Ahimsa 🏆

Author: Supriya Kelkar Publisher: Scholastic India  About the book: New Visions Award Winner! Can one girl make a difference in the destiny of a nation? It is 1942 and 10-year-old Anjali’s mother has joined India’s freedom struggle. Anjali gets unwillingly involved in the turmoil. She has to give up her biases against the Dalit community, […]

When Jiya Met Urmila 🏆

Publisher: Duckbill Books and Publications Pvt Ltd Author: Shabnam Minwalla About the book: When Jiya meets Urmila, she sees a loud girl with a fierce expression and too-bright clothes. Urmila sees a snooty girl with a dull dress and no spunk. Can they ever be friends?

Machher Jhol 🏆

Author: Richa Jha Illustrator: Sumanta Dey Publisher: Pickle Yolk Books  About the book: When Gopu’s father (Baba) falls sick, the visually impaired Gopu knows he would have to step out alone. He negotiates the crowds, the markets and the traffic of the city of Calcutta, all by himself, to reach his grandma’s house to get […]

The Prince 🏆

Author: Samhita Arni Publisher: Juggernaut  About the book: The famous dancer Madhavi is at the court of the chera king for a grand performance. The kingdom first son, shenguttuvan – The crown prince of the cheras – is getting ready for his engagement to a velir princess. There is celebration in the air. But when […]

All of Me 🏆

Author: Venita Coelho Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s About the book: London, 1854: Castor is discovered locked away in a basement. He has been there for five years, but he hasn’t been alone. The Family has kept him company. These are his multiple personalities that have emerged out of the dark. Mr Pickwick is the father figure […]

Srinivasa Ramanujan: Friend of Numbers 🏆

Author: Priya Narayanan Illustrator: Satwik Gade Publisher: Tulika Publishers  About the book: “What will happen if I add up all the numbers in the world?” “is there a last number?” a toddler captivated by patterns… A little boy filling his slate with numbers, rubbing them out with his elbow and starting again… A teenager solving complex […]