Cat’s Diwali

Author: Sarah H Paul Illustrated By: Urvashi Dubey Publisher: Daffodil Lane Books About the book: Cat is the furry family member of an Indian home. She is just like any other cat – she likes to eat, play and make a mess. But what changes for Cat on Diwali? Can she go about her day […]

Ammu and The Sparrows 🏆

Author: Vinitha R Illustrator: Jayesh Sivan  Publisher: Pratham Books About the book: Ammu spends his days with Ammamma. He feeds the birds and waits to see if Amma and Accha sparrow will come visit.

Journey to the Forbidden City

Author: Deepa Agarwal  Publisher: Puffin About the book: Nineteenth-century Tibet was an unknown entity, a complete geographical mystery to the West. Where did its capital city Lhasa lie? Which rivers, lakes and mountains stretched across this land? Where were its fabled monasteries and legendary goldfields? And did the magical flying lamas actually exist?

Young Pandavas: The City of Elephants

Author: Anupam Arunachalam  Publisher: Hachette About the book: Nine-year-old Sahadev and his four brothers – Yudhishthir, Bhim, Arjun and Nakul – are happy in their little forest home, until a forgotten curse changes their lives forever. They return as princes to Hastinapur, a city full of riches. . . and secrets. Soon enough, the young […]

The Torchbearers

Author: AB Majumdar  Publisher: Puffin About the book: Like any bored eleven-year-old with an imagination, Prem makes fantastic wishes. So when his father drags him to a monsoon-lashed Mumbai, Prem know it’s futile to dream of home. Instead, he wishes for a genie, a dragon and some superpowers. What he certainly doesn’t wish for is […]

The Piano: Story of a Friendship

Author: Nandita Basu  Publisher: Duckbill About the book: What I didn’t know was that just as I was searching for my friend, My friend was also searching for me. And that search had started a long time ago. ‘ This is the story of a friendship between a young girl and her piano. The piano […]

The Adventures of the Kohinoor 🏆

Author: William Dalrymple, Anita Anand and Devika Cariapa Publisher: Juggernaut About the book: Think jewels are boring? You’ll change your mind when you read about the Kohinoor, history’s most famous diamond. Legend says it carries a curse that brings bad luck to all its owners. Some of India’s most powerful kings possessed it and lost […]

No Nonsense Nandhini

Author: Aparna Karthikeyan  Publisher: Karadi Tales About the book: I’m the boss. I make my own decisions. Naresh has the world’s coolest mother – she wakes up at midnight, dons a miner’s lamp, and goes to her field to harvest flowers. Will he be able to show everyone at school that she’s a hero? Aparna […]

The Chirmi Chasers

Author: Arefa Tehsin Publisher: Duckbill About the book: A sitola match between two rival schools is more than a game for Nanka-if they lose, he and his father have to leave town! Can Nanka and his unlikely teammates do it?

The Miracle on Sunderbaag Street 🏆

Author: Nandita da Cunha Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan Publisher: Kalpavriksh About the Book: Young Zara sits alone every evening, in a dump yard on Sunderbaag Street. One day, Miss Gappi plants an idea in Zara’s mind. This sets them off on a mission that changes Zara’s life… and the lives of many who live on Sunderbaag […]