Author: C. G. Salamander Publisher: Duckbill Books About the book: The vegetables from Ammu’s parents’ cart have disappeared! Who could have stolen them? Amma and Appa are sure the thief must have come in a helicopter. But Ammu, following a trail left by the thief, finds some very strange clues…

The Secret Life of Debbie G.

Author: Vibha Batra  Illustrator: Kalyani Ganapathy Publisher: Harper Children’s About the book: It all started cos I wanted to mess with the Invincibles (the superbrats). #SorryNotSorry. But one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was hitting out at everyone, even the Incredibles (the geeks) and the Invisibles (the losers). Seriously, my […]

The Teenage Diary of Razia Sultan

Author: Anitha Murthy  Publisher: Talking Cub About the book: Razia Sultan, born to iltutmish of the slave dynasty, was groomed from a young age by her father to learn all the skills of a ruler. Brave, strong, confident and learned, she was unlike the women of the times. She went on to defy the orthodoxy […]

Queen of Earth

Author: Devika Rangachari Publisher: Duckbill About the book: ‘I am Prithvimahadevi, the goddess of the earth.’ Prithvimahadevi is the daughter of the powerful Somavamshi king of Kosala. Her life is circumscribed by the rules that govern the existence of women of her royal family. She can only hope that she will marry a king whose […]

Oonga 🏆

Author: Devashish Makhija  Publisher: Tulika About the book: Every now and then, the lush Green of the hills is hacked by wastelands of bleeding red Earth and limbless tree stumps. Over these, a signboard ‘India aluminum inc.’—With a big eye—keeps an eerie, humming, omnipotent watch. And it is with riveting cinematic metaphors like this that […]

Nomad’s Land

Author: Paro Anand  Publisher: Talking Cub About the book: Shanna and Pema, two girls growing up in a big city, meet at their new school. They come from displaced communities—people who had to flee their land to escape persecution. Shanna is a Kashmiri Pandit, and Pema comes from a nomadic tribe whose people called the […]

Gravepyres School for the Recently Deceased

Author: Anita Roy  Publisher: Red Panda About the book: As the latest transitioner at Gravepyres, Joseph Srinivas has a lot on his plate . . . practicing Cloudforming, studying Mathamythics, understanding Decomposition and learning how to ‘See’. But the only thing he really wants to learn is how to get home. Back to his parents […]

The Big thoughts of Little Luv

Author: Karan Johar  Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan Publisher: Juggernaut About the book: A WONDERFUL STORY THAT WILL ENTERTAIN YOUR CHILD AND MIGHT GET YOU THINKING TOO! Luv is exactly like his twin sister, Kusha. They have the same coloured hair and eyes. They are as tall as each other. Even their poo-poo looks the same. But […]

Thatha’s Pumpkin

Author: Lalita lyer Illustrator: Proiti Roy  Publisher: Karadi Tales About the book: What do you do with a pumpkin that’s bigger than your head and barely fits on your table? Tia’s Thatha is very proud of his pumpkin, for he grew it all by himself, like magic! Now it’s Tia’s job to find homes for […]

Cat, Come Back

Author: Lavanya Karthik  Illustrated By: Ayeshe Sadr and Ishaan Dasgupta Publisher: Karadi Tales About the book: Author Lavanya Karthik in verse, Cat, Come Back! enlists the reader on a mission to find a cheeky, wandering pet. Artists Ayeshe Sadr and Ishaan Dasgupta use stunning illustrations and an accordion-style format that goes all around the world […]