A Closer Look at The World Around You: In Conversation with Katherine Applegate

Katherine Applegate is an author whose concern for the environment and the world around her makes its presence felt across her work. Her book, Willodeen, was described as a “cheer-worthy, inspiring, animal-centered tale”.  In her writing, it’s always the final sentences in each of her chapters that really hits the point  home for the readers, […]

Writing As and For Children: The Author’s Journey

“If somebody had told me when I was ten that I was going to grow up and become a children’s book author, I would have hid under my bed and told them they were lying…and then written a diary entry on it. I never thought I would become a writer, but books are all I […]

The Seed of a Story

Katherine Applegate told us that the inspiration for a lot of her books comes from the news, “There was a Muslim family that had moved into a small town in the United States, and somebody had put a note on their door that said, Go away. We don’t want you here. It was outrageous…we were […]