By Shabnam Minwalla Publisher: Duckbill Books Modern Mumbai – independent-minded Zen contemplates college, conflicted by feelings for the perplexing Yash. 1939 – Zen’s great-grandmother Zainab writes a diary detailing her life and events in the wider world. An absorbing page turner with well-developed characters from several generations giving insights into politics and religion past and […]

The Henna Start-up

By Andaleeb Wajid Publisher: Penguin Random House India When Abir discovers her mother has not been paid for her work, she and her friends work on a creative way to ensure this doesn’t happen again. In a first-person narrative set in tech city Bangalore, this novel addresses concerns around class and gender with lively dialogue […]

Unknown Heroes of India’s Freedom Struggle

By P. Sainath Publisher: Tullika P Sainath lights a beacon on the many stories of freedom fighters from the margins. The book was meticulously researched through in-person interviews of those who joined the Independence movement, even those whose methods diverged from Gandhi’s. This book has many brushes and voices – for each of the 16 […]

From Makaras to Manticores: Around India in 100 Mythical Creatures

By C.G. Salamander Sheena Deviah (Illustrations) Publisher: Hachette Some 260 well written, designed and illustrated pages take the reader through the widths, depths and breadths of India and its coastlines and examine 100 mythical creatures. The creatures may exist in myths and legends, in folklore, as images in paintings, maps and statuettes, or in the […]

Bipathu and a Very Big Dream

By Anita Nair Publisher: Puffin Books Bipathu and a Very Big Dream addresses BIG themes of gender bias, inclusivity of people with disabilities, and power imbalance based on economic class all without dwelling on them. The story is set in a village in Kerala where Hindus and Muslims coexist within the Malayali identity. Bipathu is […]

Meera Mukherjee: Breaking Moulds

By Vaishali Shroff Shivam Choudhary (Illustrations) Publisher : Art1st Meera Mukherjee: Breaking Moulds is the story of Meera’s first fascination with art begins as she watches her mother create enchanting alponas at the entrance to their home. The story follows her journey to Europe where she learns artistic styles of modern masters. She eventually returns […]

A Thousand Full Moons

By Shobha Viswanath Keerthana Ramesh (illustrations) Publisher : Karadi Tales A Thousand Full Moons captures an intergenerational cultural milestone from a child’s perspective. Nila’s great-grandmother Muthassi is going to see a thousand full moons soon when she turns 80, but then there’s an accident! How the family rallies around and deals with this unexpected situation […]

When We Are Home

By Priyadarshini Gogoi Pankaj Saikia (illustrations) Publisher : Pratham Books When We Are Home gives voice to the many families displaced in Assam during annual floods. Each page draws us into the world that Moromi remembers as her home. The illustrations are vivid and take us on a journey through rural Assam. The narrative is […]

The People of the Indus 🏆

Authors: Nikhil Gulati with Jonathan Mark Kenoyer Illustrator: Nikhil Gulati Publisher: Penguin Random House Who were the people of the Indus? Why didn’t they build pyramids like the Egyptians? And ultimately what happened to them? Supported by extensive research from a leading Indus archaeologist, this graphic novel seeks answers to precisely these questions. It is […]

The Ghost of Malabar

Author: Soumya Ayer Illustrator: Isha Nagar Publisher: HarperCollins India A spooky tale… set in Fort Kochi, once a seaside town with a long colonial history! Twelve-year-old Edwin blames his father, a wayward fisherman for everything rotten in his life. But when he encounters Velu his life is catapulted from rotten to outright chaotic. Velu is […]