Aurthor: Sagar Kolwankar

Publisher: Tulika

About: A strong, poignant story about how armed conflict ravages a child’s everyday, how the devastation is not just of homes and lives but also of spirit. Sagar uses the power of colour to evoke two very different emotions in the course of the narrative. Equally effective is the startling use of ripped paper, seeming to suggest the torn innocence of childhood.

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 8 reviews
by Siddharth Dixit Kamalesh on Red

This book is about a boy who flies a red kite, when suddenly fighter jets and bombs appear. He loses control of his kite and hides behind a wall. Later, he finds his kite and draws a smiley on it and flies it again. This time, the fighter jets and bombs vanish.

I like the main idea of this book: the power of happiness. I like the character of the boy and the flow of the story.

I would recommend this book to my friends because it shows us the power of happiness.

by Rujuta on Red

I loved it because it was about a boy in the book who loved red and do even I.This book is the best.

by Ishna goyal on Red

I loved it because the boy in the book was diligent and he also liked red colour and I also like red colour.

by Pujith on Red

This book is about the kite and it tells about the thunder and bombs killing people.

by malar on Red

Beginning thought it was about colours,but wondered why Red?slowly understood something strong will be conveyed.This is a simple story but with a strong message. Recommending to primary kids.

by Ashika Thusu on Red

This powerful story leaves me pondering, reflecting and pensive about life’s experiences and incessant need to strive through grit, determination and perseverance in the face of adversity and the unknown.

by Class 1 A on Red

We liked the boy when he drew the smiley on the kite. We liked when the boy was flying the kite. The boy was hiding behind the walls. The boy was courageous because even after the blast he got up found his kite and flew it again.

by Arjun Kalaiselvan on Red

What is this book about?

It's about a boy whose name is Xerxes who wants to be like J.R.D Tata and his grandfather. The book also talks about when he went to a flight simulator box and took a photo with his grandfather in a place called Gootchputcha Phata without his mother knowing it and how his family won a whole ceremony of his neighbour and more.

3 Things l like about this book :

I like one of the comedies in this book: When the school bus arrived, Xerxes started wobbling and dancing and his mother told him to stay still. When the bus arrived and the teacher asked him to come in, he dint respond and stood still like his mother said. His mother started asking him to go in, but Xerxes said "But you told me to stand still, Mama". There are many things people will like in this book.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why?

Yes. I would because there are many emotional parts, very funny comedy and sometimes you will start sweating when you read one of the passages. Basically it gives a twist and turn to the story. That's why l will recommend this book to a friend.