For 13-18 years | Fresh Views of Creation Myths

(For 13-18 years | Room No. 104) Fresh Views of Creation Myths: Explore new ways to tell ancient stories with Muthoni Muchemi based on lessons inspired by a traditional Kamba creation myth, retold as Sing for an Elephant. Come prepared to brainstorm and co-create. (45m)

For 13-18 years | Penning a Romance Series

For 13-18 years Penning a Romance Series: Popular author Andaleeb Wajid delves into the making of a romance novel, having released Jasmine Villa, a tri-part series following the lives of three sisters, published as three books at the same time. How does an author map character journeys and plotlines in such cases? (45m)

For 9-12 years | Spotting Patterns

For 9-12 years Spotting Patterns: Writers, designers, and poets often spot patterns in the stories around them to inspire their own work. Award-winning author Priya Narayanan does this deftly in her book Srinivasa Ramanujan: Friend of Numbers. Work with her to understand a pattern that you could reproduce in your own work. (45m)

For 9-12 years | Depicting Difficulties

For 9-12 years Depicting Difficulties – If you had to describe a difficult emotion that a person experiences, what would it look like? How would you write about what you see? Author Sanjana Kapur details this idea in her book Who Stole Bhaiya’s Smile? Find out how she approached it. (45m)

For 9-12 years | Inverting Stereotypes

For 9-12 years Inverting Stereotypes: In a land where girls aren’t allowed to read, Munni teaches herself to do so, and sets out on a world of adventure with her friends. Discover how award-winning author Venita Coelho plays with her characters to create unique combinations that you can build into your own writing. (45m)

For 13-18 years | Best of Both Worlds

For 13-18 years Best of Both Worlds: Trained in the Western traditions of art, the famous Bengali painter Jamini Roy evolved a new aesthetic by bringing in elements of Indian folk art. Through her book, Jamini Roy’s Unbroken Lines, award-winning author Vinitha R gives readers the chance to engage with his ideas firsthand. (45m)

For 13-18 years | Examining Freedom

For 13-18 years Examining Freedom: Art and poetry come together as participants embark on a voyage with award-winning writer and film-maker Samina Mishra to define their own interpretations of what freedom means to them. (45m)

For 13-18 years | Blurring Boundaries

For 13-18 years Blurring Boundaries: Award-winning graphic novelist Nandita Basu blurs the boundaries between time, class, and gender, through her books The Piano and Rain Must Fall. Absorb her process, to inspire your own. (45m)

For 9-12 years | Cultivating Empathy

For 9-12 years Cultivating Empathy – In a country as varied as India where a multitude of stories abound, what are the tales that sow the seeds for children to grow kindness, and reap empathy? Find out more from the author Nandita da Cunha, whose new book The Dog With Two Names seeks to do […]

For 9-12 years | Building Thrilling Eco-Fiction

For 9-12 years Building Thrilling Eco-Fiction – Animal conservation gets a leg up with Ambushed, writer Nayanika Mahtani’s middle-grade novel. Learn how the author’s work with an NGO that helps educate the children of poachers to open their minds to alternative livelihoods inspired the book. (45m)