For 9-12 years | Interviewing Animals

For 9-12 years Interviewing Animals: In the book Creature Features, 25 animals explain why they look like they do. Explore the acclaimed author Robin Page’s take on the book. Pick an animal you are interested in and give it a go. (45m)

For 13-18 years | Bringing Pages to Life

(For 13-18 years | Room No. 111) Bringing Pages to Life: Put together the components that make up your everyday to create a visual narrative. Explore with master illustrator Priyankar Gupta, who has drawn the visuals for one of the stories in the new graphic novel Unknown Heroes of the Freedom Struggle, the process of […]

For 13-18 years | Snipping Words, Moulding Tales

(For 13-18 years | Room No. 106) Snipping Words, Moulding Tales: Just what does a children’s book editor do? Get a firsthand account from Sudeshna Shome Ghosh, publisher, Talking Cub, on a book editor’s job. Step into an editor’s workspace for a brief while yourself. (45m)

For 13 to 18 years | Re-Reading, ReTelling

(For 13 to 18 years | Room No. 105) Re-Reading, ReTelling: Certain epics and classics pave the way for new perspectives with retellings that are built on the foundations of the original. Hear from the award-winning writer Samhita Arni on how she approaches this. Work with the author to explore how you could get started […]

For 13-18 years | The Language of Nonfiction

(For 13-18 years | Room No. 104) The Language of Nonfiction: The author Vaishali Shroff’s most recent work of non-fiction, Taatung Tatung and Other Stories of India’s Diverse Languages, looks at the history of India’s linguistic diversity, and where we are at today. Join the author to decipher what the language map of India looks […]

For 9-12 years | Taut Histories

(For 9-12 years | Room No. 103) Taut Histories – Imagine living through a movement of resistance against a foreign power. Author Tanu Shree Singh’s new book, The Letter to Lahore, examines this era through Luxmi’s eyes. Try your hand at walking down the path of history to see the stories that you return with. […]

For 9-12 years | Creature Chronicles

(For 9-12 years | Room No. 101) Creature Chronicles: Find out what writers and illustrators do to make their animal stories exciting, with the award-winning author and illustrator duo Bijal Vachharajani and Rajiv Eipe. Create an animal stories comic of your own. (45m)

For 16+ years | Layers of Reading

(For 16+ years | Room No. 106) Layers of Reading: What are the insights that the close reading of a text brings forth that a surface-level reading does not? Discover how meaning comes from a relationship between form and content with expert Language and Literature educators Colin Kelman and Anu Ruhil Barua (45m)

For 13-18 years | Adapting Stories for the Stage and the Screen

(For 13-18 years | Room No. 105) Adapting Stories for the Stage and the Screen: How do writers make their readers or viewers care for the characters they create for the page, the stage, or the screen? Author Adithi Rao has done it all. Here’s your chance to learn how she goes about it. (60m)

For 13-18 years | Creativity in Animation

(For 13-18 years | Room No. 104) Creativity in Animation: Explore how creativity fuels animation, and the techniques that may best serve an idea, with master practitioner and National Award-winning animation film maker Suresh Eriyat, a pioneer who has contributed to the growth of the animation industry in India over the years. (60m)