Shifting the Focus: Centering Marginalised Stories of Colonialism

Literature reflects and constitutes society. In the imperial period, travel writing and adventure stories penned by British writers such as Rudyard Kipling did not merely represent India. They also built an image of India creating attitudes, beliefs and ways of thinking that legitimised colonial rule.  Literature of  post-independent India wrested the power of nation building […]

History, Humour and Animal Rights | Book Review by Ayaan Gupta from Grade 3

Uncle Nehru, Please Send an Elephant! is a book written by Devika Cariapa and illustrated by Satvik Gade. This is a very interesting book. In this book, the author has tried to teach us a part of our real Indian history by narrating a series of real-life events which took place immediately after independence.  In […]

“VAmazing” | Book Review by Riya Bopanna from Grade 7

When the World Went Dark by Jane De Suza, shortlisted for the Neev Book Award 2022 in the Junior Readers category is a heartfelt novel that explores the feeling of loss from the perspective of a lively nine year-old girl.  Swara is not happy. Her country is in lockdown and she can’t even step out […]

Comprehending Suffering: Young Readers Review ‘Jamlo Walks’ and ‘Wounds’

The Neev Book Award 2022 shortlist puts the spotlight on Indian lives. A lived reality numerous young readers picked up on while reading the shortlisted books are the tales of suffering, pain, and systemic inequalities. They speak to readers regardless of how old they are. Two students from Neev Academy, one from Grade 4 and […]

Many Places, Same Story: Young Readers Review That Night

That Night, a picture book by Bijal Vachharajani shortlisted for the Neev Book Award 2022 in the Emerging Readers category, speaks to readers of all ages. Be they seven or seventeen, this poignant tale has moved plenty of young children. Here are two student voices.  Grade 10 student Noyonika Arun writes:  The book That Night […]

Art and Authenticity | Book Review by Ishaan Varior from Grade 11

Wounds, the only picture book (or the black sheep) shortlisted in the Young Adult category for the Neev Book Award 2022, is a way to give children two things. One, a view into the work of Somnath Hore, who made art about the Bengal famine and the Tebhaga movement. Two, an ability for children to […]

The Beauty in Eternal Memory | Book Review by Aida Sandy Shree from Grade 10

Paati’s Rasam is a picture book, written by the mother-daughter duo Janaki Sabesh and Dhwani Sabesh, and illustrated by Pallavi Jain. It follows the story of Malli, a little girl who loves her grandmother, and explores the transitory nature of life, and the impact it leaves behind. Through emotive language, and relatable references, this book […]

Rain Must Fall On Friendship and Empowerment

Children start coming into their own as they inch closer to their teenage years. Confusion may reign high as teenagers embark on a turbulent journey of self-discovery. Nandita Basu delicately addresses this in her 2022 Neev Book Award-shortlisted graphic novel, Rain Must Fall. Centred around the life of an adolescent, the book talks about isolation, […]