Samina Mishra is a filmmaker, writer, and teacher based in New Delhi, with an interest in media for and about children. Her work uses the lens of childhood, identity and education to reflect the experiences of growing up in India. Her recent work includes Jamlo Walks that tells a story of the migrants walking back home during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, Nida Finds a Way that follows a young girl as she explores the world around her including the anti-CAA/NRC public protest at Shaheen Bagh, and Happiness Class, a documentary that explores the idea of happiness seen through the Happiness Curriculum in the Delhi government schools. Samina also runs The Magic Key Centre for the Arts and Childhood, a virtual resource centre for children as well as adults working with and for children.Delegate | 2022

Panel Discussion | Real Life Inspirations in Children’s Literature

Literature That Draws From Life and the World