Neha Singh is a Mumbai based children’s author and has written five books for children so far. ‘The Wednesday Bazaar’ and ‘Bela Misses Her Train’ with Karadi Tales, ‘Moongphali’ for Rupa and Co., ‘Its Playtime’ for Pratham’s Storyweaver and her latest offering ‘I Need to Pee’ with Puffin, India. She contributes poems and stories in Hindi to Bhopal based children’s magazines Chakmak and Pluto. She conducts sessions around her books with children across India, in literature festivals, theatre festivals and also as part of outreach programs. Apart from writing, Neha is a theatre practitioner. She has worked in over fifteen professional theatre productions in Mumbai as an actor, playwright, producer and director. She runs her own theatre production company called ‘Rahi Theatre Company’ and has produced two plays under her banner; ‘DohriZindagi’ and ‘Jhalkari’.Neha is a women’s rights activist and spearheads a movement called ‘Why loiter?’, which aims at reclaiming public spaces for women, and is currently in its fourth year since conception. Her other interests include filmmaking, Indian classical music and Kalaripayattu.

Delegate | 2018