Khushnaz is a Writer, illustrator, artist and accidental adult based in Mumbai/Bangalore. Using text as her primary medium of expression, combined with illustration and sculpture, Lala is both the fairy godmother; with her three “child-friendly books for adults”, and the wicked witch, with her sarcastic and often dark humored artwork that she posts on social media. Her illustrated picture books; ‘This is a Very Silly Book’, ‘I’m With Silly’, and ‘Dear Left Sock and Other Letters’, were published by HarperCollins in 2016. Through the quirky characters, the books show that being silly is not just about pulling goofy faces, but is rather the fearless act of being true to ourselves. Based on the books, Lala has conducted Silly Workshops across the country. Through lots of goofy dancing, ridiculous stories and secret confessions, the workshops explore what it means to inhabit our own skin, and open up dialogues on issues like bullying, gender, mental health and self and social identities. She has conducted readings and workshops for both children and adults at various literature festivals, summits and performance venues. She has also spoken at TEDx. Her talk was called, “I am a god but I am also garbage: how to con your way through adulthood while eating Cheetos in your underpants.” Lala is a contemporary artist whose oeuvre includes work for Grammy Nominated singer, Mike Posner.

Delegate | 2017