Kapil Pandey discovered his passion for storytelling at the grand old age of 30 when he and his 2 year-old daughter met a monster in the deep dark wood! He is a children’s writer, a poet and a drama-in-education practitioner and he strongly believes in the power of drama to create safe and reflective learning spaces. He is the president of the Kutumb Foundation that uses drama & football to engage with language and holistic learning.

For a living, he runs VDIS, which uses the ‘design thinking’ approach to design wayfinding and user experiences. Kapil has been training primary and middle school teachers across India in the art of using drama as a tool for learning and has been a guest speaker at School of Curriculum and Teaching at Kean University, USA. Kapil has travelled the length and breadth of India with his stories and can be found telling stories to children and adults in lit fests, bastis, bookstores, schools and parks. He sees his foray into the world of stories as a quest to ask complex questions and as an attempt to know himself a little better. When not telling stories, Kapil runs marathons………..Oh yes, he sometimes goes to work!