Ben is a detail-obsessed illustrator and writer from Norwich, via Cape Town who likes pencils and heavy objects. He combines multiple processes to create intricate and delicate illustrations and repeating patterns full of fine detail and vibrant colour for a diverse array of clients. Much of Ben’s work is inspired or informed by his love of nature, having grown up wanting variously to be a shark, dinosaur or David Attenborough crossed with Indiana Jones, only relatively recently settling upon Illustration as a compromise allowing him to bring those fantasies to life on paper. Ben’s illustration practise and vivid fantasy life is run from a small but perfectly formed studio in the heart of beautiful London which he shares with an unnecessarily large collection of very sharp pencils. When not illustrating, Ben can be found cooking, travelling or picking up heavy objects and putting them back down again, sometimes for hours at a time, while pursuing his interest as an amateur strongman in his spare time.

Author Interaction | NLF Reading Challenge 2021