Anita Nair is an Indian best-selling author of fiction and poetry, with her famous novels The Better Man and Ladies Coupe translated into 21 languages. Her first book, a collection of short stories called Satyr of the Subway won her a fellowship from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. In 2002, appeared the collection of poems Malabar Mind, and in 2003 Where the Rain is Born - Writings about Kerala which she has edited. Anita has also written The Puffin Book of Myths and Legends (2004). She also edited Where the Rain is Born (2003). Anita’s writings about Kerala and her poetry has been included in The Poetry India Collection and a British Council Poetry Workshop Anthology. Her other works include Mistress (2003), Adventures of Nonu, the Skating Squirrel (2006), Living Next Door to Alise (2007), Magical Indian Myths (2008), Cut Like Wound (2012), The Lilac House (2012), Idris: Keeper of The Light (2014), Chain of Custody (2015), and Alphabet Soup for Lovers (2016).

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