The People of the Indus 🏆

Authors: Nikhil Gulati with Jonathan Mark Kenoyer Illustrator: Nikhil Gulati Publisher: Penguin Random House Who were the people of the Indus? Why didn’t they build pyramids like the Egyptians? And ultimately what happened to them? Supported by extensive research from a leading Indus archaeologist, this graphic novel seeks answers to precisely these questions. It is […]

When Blackbirds Fly

Author: Hannah Lalhlanpuii Publisher: Duckbill Life is sweet growing up in Aizawl, with his family and friends, and all the narrator wants is a peaceful life. But the independence movement in Mizoram means that regardless of what he wants, he is drawn inexorably into a world where everyone has to choose where they stand … […]

The Enchanted Cottage

Author: Ruskin Bond Illustrator: Sucharita Sengupta Suri Publisher: HarperCollins India   Odd things were happening to me in my little cottage near the forest … There was no terrifying dream that night, or the following night, but the cottage did have an almost tangible atmosphere about it — a feeling for the past, or rather, […]

Boy No. 32

Author: Venita Coelho Publisher: Scholastic  About the book: An explosion brings down the orphanage that is home to Battees. Buried in the debris, he realises that something impossible has happened. Someone has got inside his head. It’s Goongi who cannot speak. Battees identifies the terrorist who blew up the orphanage and he obviously wants the […]

Ela | NBA Honour

NBA 2018 Honour Book | Young Adult Author: Sampurna Chattarji Publisher: Scholastic India About the book: Ela is a happy child with everything she could wish for, until her thirteenth birthday when she discovers she is an adopted kid. The story is about how she copes with this new knowledge. A Children’s Bookshelf Selection: Each […]


Author:  Paro Anand Publisher: Scholastic  About the book: This slick and ground-breaking graphic novel tells the story of a young Indian boy, Ganga, and a Swedish girl, Helga, whose destinies get tied with one another in a strange and magical way. Two is a gem on its own, which shows the perspective of two different […]

The House That Spoke

Author: Zuni Chopra Publisher: Penguin Random House India  About the book: Fourteen-year-old Zoon Razdan is witty, intelligent and deeply perceptive. She also has a deep connection with magic. She was born into it. The house that she lives in is fantastical—life thrums through its wooden walls—and she can talk to everything in it, from the […]

Rasha: Little Girl, Big Heart

Author: Muhammed Zafar Iqbal Translator: Arunava Sinha Publisher: Puffin About the book: The breathtaking story of a feisty young girl Fifteen-year-old Rasha is abandoned by her mother in a village with her aged and probably mad-grandmother. Uprooted from higher school and her friends back in cosmopolitan Dhaka, a disgruntled Rasha has to start life afresh […]

Like Smoke: A Collection

Author: Paro Anand Publisher: Puffin Books  About the book: How often have you felt that you just can’t take it any more? Felt that nothing is worth the head ache, the heart ache? The good news – you are not alone. The bad news -you are not alone – for every teen carries the angst […]

What Maya Saw | NBA Honour

NBA 2018 Honour Book | Young Adult Author: Shabnam Minwalla Publisher: HarperCollins India About the book: Almost from the moment Maya steps into St Paul’s College, she is afraid. Everywhere she goes, she encounters questions and secrets. Not to mention the Shadows – a bunch of drop-dead gorgeous students who she realizes will do anything […]