When Jiya Met Urmila 🏆

Publisher: Duckbill Books and Publications Pvt Ltd Author: Shabnam Minwalla About the book: When Jiya meets Urmila, she sees a loud girl with a fierce expression and too-bright clothes. Urmila sees a snooty girl with a dull dress and no spunk. Can they ever be friends?

The Ammuchi Puchi 🏆

Author: Sharanya Manivannan Publisher: Lantana Publishing  About the book: ‘When Anjali and I were really little, we were sort of afraid of our grandmother, Ammuchi…’ Aditya and Anjali love listening to their grandmother’s stories, particularly the scary one about the ghost in the tree. But the night their grandmother passes away, all her stories seem […]

The Adventures of Mooli and the Bully on Wheels


Author: Asha Nehemiah Publisher: Scholastic India  About the book: Meddlesome Mooli and Maths whiz Soups are on a mission to win a prize on a cool new website. Join them on an awesome adventure to outwit a bully, make crazy art and create confusion. The Bully on Wheels is the second in this series of […]

The Adventures of Tootsie and Lama


Author: Stuti Agarwal Publisher: Juggernaut About the book: In many ways, Tootsie Lama is like any eight-year-old girl in the small hilly town of Darjeeling. But in many ways, she is completely different – she lives on her own, goes to bed whenever she likes and cooks her own meals. One day Tootsie decides she […]

Petu Pumpkin Cheater Peter


Author: Arundhati Venkatesh Publisher: Duckbill Books and Publications Pvt Ltd About the book: When Petu starts cheating, his friends are sure he is headed for a life of crime. They try everything to stop him hypnosis, a home-baked truth serum, a D-I-Y polygraph. Will they succeed?

Unlucky Chamki


Author: Lesley D. Biswas  Publisher: Duckbill About the book: Everyone says Chumki is unlucky and makes things go wrong with her ‘magic’. No wonder she has no friends.Can her brother Aki’s plan help Chumki make friends?

Srinivasa Ramanujan: Friend of Numbers 🏆


Author: Priya Narayanan Publisher: Tulika Publishers  About the book: “What will happen if I add up all the numbers in the world?” “is there a last number?” a toddler captivated by patterns… A little boy filling his slate with numbers, rubbing them out with his elbow and starting again… A teenager solving complex Maths problems… […]

The Girl Who Ironed Her Hair and Other Stories


Author: Lalita Iyer Publisher: Scholastic India  About the book: Adventurous Lalli and her quirky brother Shivi get into all kinds of madcap escapades—taming crazy curly hair to fart competitions and stealing roses. With a dash of mischief, a pinch of daring and a whole lot of fun, these delightful short stories will have you laughing […]

Rattu and Poorie’s Adventures in History


Author: Parvati Sharma Publisher: Puffin  About the book: ‘Come along, then,’ said Lakshmi Bai and Jhalkari Bai. ‘Come along and listen.’ Rattu is in a bad, mad mood. Her bossy older sister, Poorie, has taken her toys and gone off to play without her. Rattu has made ghastly faces at everyone: Roundy the cat, Shanti […]

Letters to Ammi


Author: Aftab Yusuf Shaikh Publisher: Karadi Tales Company Private Limited About the book: A young girl traces her mother’s journey through the city of Delhi, writing letters to her along the way. Every monument holds a memory; every letter tells a story, and Fatima wants nothing more than to show her beloved Ammijaan that she […]