We are the Dancing Forest

Author: Raj Shekhar Illustrator: Venkat Shyam Translator: Devashish Makhija Publisher: Tulika Publishers Inspired by an adivasi song from Telangana, this taps right into the instincts of children – fun with words and rhythm, and a yet unspoilt ability to be aware of the connectedness of the natural world. Venkat Shyam’s Gond folk style arises from […]

My Street 🏆

Author: Sadaf Siddique Illustrator: Habib Ali Publisher: Pratham Books Running past familiar faces, watching the street go by in a flash of colours — it’s just another day in this neighbourhood. A wordless story about community spirit in a neighbourhood, and the people that make it special.

My Paati’s Saris

Author: Jyoti Rajan Gopal Illustrator: Art Twink Publisher: Kokila A Tamil boy explores his love for his grandmother and her colorful sari collection in this tale of expressing your true self. Another exciting day with Paati begins with a host of fun activities done in preparation for tonight’s party; threading flowers into garlands for decoration, […]


Author: C. G. Salamander Publisher: Duckbill Books About the book: The vegetables from Ammu’s parents’ cart have disappeared! Who could have stolen them? Amma and Appa are sure the thief must have come in a helicopter. But Ammu, following a trail left by the thief, finds some very strange clues…

The Big thoughts of Little Luv

Author: Karan Johar  Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan Publisher: Juggernaut About the book: A WONDERFUL STORY THAT WILL ENTERTAIN YOUR CHILD AND MIGHT GET YOU THINKING TOO! Luv is exactly like his twin sister, Kusha. They have the same coloured hair and eyes. They are as tall as each other. Even their poo-poo looks the same. But […]

Thatha’s Pumpkin

Author: Lalita lyer Illustrator: Proiti Roy  Publisher: Karadi Tales About the book: What do you do with a pumpkin that’s bigger than your head and barely fits on your table? Tia’s Thatha is very proud of his pumpkin, for he grew it all by himself, like magic! Now it’s Tia’s job to find homes for […]

Cat, Come Back

Author: Lavanya Karthik  Illustrated By: Ayeshe Sadr and Ishaan Dasgupta Publisher: Karadi Tales About the book: Author Lavanya Karthik in verse, Cat, Come Back! enlists the reader on a mission to find a cheeky, wandering pet. Artists Ayeshe Sadr and Ishaan Dasgupta use stunning illustrations and an accordion-style format that goes all around the world […]

Cat’s Diwali

Author: Sarah H Paul Illustrated By: Urvashi Dubey Publisher: Daffodil Lane Books About the book: Cat is the furry family member of an Indian home. She is just like any other cat – she likes to eat, play and make a mess. But what changes for Cat on Diwali? Can she go about her day […]

Ammu and The Sparrows 🏆

Author: Vinitha R Illustrator: Jayesh Sivan  Publisher: Pratham Books About the book: Ammu spends his days with Ammamma. He feeds the birds and waits to see if Amma and Accha sparrow will come visit.

Paati’s Rasam

Author: Janaki Sabesh, Dhwani Sabesh Illustrator: Pallavi Jain Storyboard by: Vaijayanthi Publisher: Karadi Tales About the book: Malli loved weekends with her Paati. The head massages, the hugs, the engrossing stories, and most importantly, Paati’s delicious, piping-hot rasam. But then, one day, everything changed. And Malli’s world became dark and colourless. No more warm hugs, […]