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We invited young readers to share their thoughts on the books they liked the most from the NLF Reading Challenge 2022 list. Here is what two book lovers from Grade 4 had to say about Ross Welford’s latest book When We Got Lost in Dreamland

Weda Ganesh from Neev Academy, Bengaluru writes:

When We Got Lost in Dreamland is the story of a boy called Malky and his little brother Seb who steals (or borrows, as Malky says!) a dreaminator. They are able to use the dreaminator to go to a world beyond their wildest imagination. Malky and Seb get to do so many cool things they have always dreamt of doing together. They can share dreams, control their dreams and do so much more. 

But impossible dreams come with great risks. When Seb won’t wake up and is taken to the hospital in a coma, Malky is forced to leave reality behind and go through a final, terrifying journey to the Stone Age to wake up his little brother. But Malky is not alone, everyone around him who he cares about comes to help him. 

I enjoyed reading the book because things got very interesting as the story progressed. This is a book full of mystery, adventure and friendship. This is why I recommend this book to all ages.” 

Eshaan Jailkhani from Neev Academy, Bengaluru writes: 

When We Got Lost in Dreamland is a book about a boy who goes into someone’s backyard and steals something called a dreaminator because a girl takes his phone and asks him to steal something if he wants it back. This is how it all starts. The next day he assembles the dreaminator and turns it on before he goes to sleep. 

One of the things that stood out to me in the book was the boy’s courage to go and sneak into the backyard and then to turn on the dreaminator and use it! Another thing (that struck me) was the author’s imagination.

Want to hear more about this crowd-favourite? Watch this video where we discuss When We Got Lost in Dreamland with Ross Welford



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