This is Me, Mayil

Author: Niveditha Subramaniam (Author, Illustrator), Sowmya Rajendran (Author)

Publisher: Tulika

About: Fiercely fun, madly morose and prone to spontaneous combustion — this is Mayil Ganeshan at Not Yet Sixteen. Much like before. But edgier. Older and bolder, the unstoppable ‘Mayilwriter’ rants in rhyme, ponders in verse, and doodles in between. For every moment of clarity, there are others filled with anger, confusion and self-doubt. But Mayil keeps her chin up and decides that she will never put her pen down. With the laugh-out-loud humour, seriousness and honesty of the popular and award winning Mayil Will Not Be Quiet! and Mostly Madly Mayil, this third in the series is another exceptional, unputdownable, must-read book for teens and anyone else.

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This is Me, Mayil
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by Abhimanyu on This is Me, Mayil

Thencover page is notbattractive andnthe content is very very very very boring

by Prisha Kathayat on This is Me, Mayil

Its too basic and boring... There are most of hindi words used...

by samaira zarksis parabia on This is Me, Mayil

The book was very boring as the things were very common . The book could

be interesting if the points were unique and different.

by Anshul Yemul on This is Me, Mayil

wrong use of vocabulary book cover is very dark meaning its not attractive also book is not intresting thats why I say not to read this book

by Veet on This is Me, Mayil

its not attractive. its boaring.

by jash on This is Me, Mayil

the cover page is not attractive. the book doesn't have a good content

by Dhruv on This is Me, Mayil

It was very bad and i couldn't understand the

by Anisha on This is Me, Mayil

it wasn't interesting.

by MOHAMMED ALGUBBI on This is Me, Mayil

i loved how the book is so creative but i didn't understand anything

this book is the kind i hate because i hate weird stuff

by natasha on This is Me, Mayil

it was super boring