Grit-The Major Story

Author: Major DP Singh, VR Ferose, Sriram Jagannathan

Illustrator: Sriram Jagannathan

Publisher: Hachette India

“Grit: The Major Story is the true account of Major Devendra Pal Singh who rose from humble beginnings to become a hero. Faced with the tragic loss of a limb while serving on the frontlines during the Kargil War, Major Singh’s indomitable spirit came to the fore.

With the support of his family, friends and dedicated healthcare professionals, and aided by the training he received in the army, he set a fresh course for his life.

Today, Major Singh is a well-known athlete and motivational speaker, inspiring thousands of people to believe in their innate strength and resilience”

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Neev Literature Festival
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by Reviewed Samara Prabhakar - Gr 8, Edited by Kriti Sarawgi - Gr 11 on Neev Literature Festival

A story of perseverance, empowerment, and the pursuit of a dream, Grit delineates the journey of Major DP Singh, narrating the string of events, incidents, trials, and tribulations that have contributed to the person he is today. The portrayal of the story in the format of a graphic novel provides a multifaceted experience, allowing the reader to connect to the book beyond the literary rendering.
The book is a recount by Major DP Singh as he recollects his lonely childhood without his parents. It also explores his introduction to Sikhism and his early fascination with the poise and respectability of the Indian army; the beacon of hope that turned into a dream he would feverishly strive to make a reality. The rest of the book goes on to describe the hard work, time, and effort Major DP Singh put into materializing this conquest despite a multitude of failures and hardships.
On one such occasion, he went through a torturous near-death experience in the Kargil war, and lost one of his legs. Even so, with his friends, family, and medical staff around to support him, and a grave amount of strength, he mustered the courage to go on. It is this perseverance that drove Major DP Singh forward through the myriad of other misfortunes plaguing his life. He later became a marathon runner using a prosthesis, yet again, triumphing against all odds.
This book is inspiring and accessible. It reminds us that “anything that happens, happens for a reason.”