Sadiq Wants to Stitch

Author: Mamta Nainy

Illustrator: Nilofer Wadia

Publisher: Karadi Tales

About: Sadiq loves stitching colourful patterns on rugs. However, his Ammi reminds him that boys in his community don’t stitch, they tend to the livestock. But Sadiq is determined to pursue his passion.This winsome tale that defies gender norms and talks about a fading shepherd craft of Kashmir, is beautifully written by Mamta Nainy, and illustrated through watercolour vistas by renowned artist Niloufer Wadia.

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Sadiq Wants to Stitch
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Meenu on Sadiq Wants to Stitch

A sensitively written story that bends gender norms...

by Dhruv on Sadiq Wants to Stitch

I like this book a lot as it breaks gender stereotypes. Very wonderful illustrations and i like how Sadiq makes a wonderful rug

by Samyuktha V on Sadiq Wants to Stitch

What is this book about :

This book is about a boy who wants to stitch embroidery and he dosen’t

know weather his Ammi will let him to stitch it or not .... So when his

Ammi is sleeping he stitched the embroidery without his Ammi knowing that

he is stitching

3 Things I like about this book

1]I liked the way the boy had interest in stitching

2] I liked the way the boy took a decision to stitch but without Ammi knowing


3] I liked the way the boy was brave to take a decision

Would you recommend this book to your friends?why?

Yes... because my friends might get interested in stitching ...

And stitching is helpful for your whole life

by karthick on Sadiq Wants to Stitch

Saadiq wants to stich.There was a boy. He wanted to stich.He stiched a metre and sold it.

by Varnika on Sadiq Wants to Stitch

I liked the book because I like the stories with unique words and its from different places and I liked it the most.

by Mehr Sohal on Sadiq Wants to Stitch

What I love about this picture book is that it dabbles with themes that novels typically would, but in an illustrated and beautiful way that makes it open for readers of all ages. Through this story, Mamta Nainy and Niloufer Wadia have been competent of powerfully tackling gender stereotypes; whilst reminding us of lost traditions and crafts.

by Avyay grade 4 on Sadiq Wants to Stitch

I really liked this book. It’s tells us that there is nothing a boys or a girls cannot do because of his/ her gender. My favourite part was when Sadiq started to stitch his own mattress because he could his help ,other when she was sick and also show her that boys can stitch.

by Nisha Mohan on Sadiq Wants to Stitch

This is a beautiful story that talks about the expectation that gender roles bring with them. It is written and illustrated with tenderness and great detail. Sadiq's determination to follow his dream will endear him to any reader, especially seen in the context of his father's passing, mentioned at the beginning of the story.

by Babu on Sadiq Wants to Stitch

This is an awesome book for everyone.