From Gond Art to Animation: Masterclasses at NLF

By Shashank Pai, Grade 11 The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘master’ as ‘someone having or showing great proficiency’. This proficiency was on full display during the masterclasses at the Neev Literature Festival 2023. I had the pleasure of attending three masterclasses discussing topics such as Gond art, graphic novels and animation. The first masterclass about creating […]

Bringing Out the Inner Child: Takeaways from the Neev Literature Festival 2023

By Tamara Serukur, Grade 10 The Neev Literature Festival never fails to amaze me. After having spent the weekend of the festival visiting various masterclasses, talking to the other readers at NLF, and listening to the creators behind some of the fabulous books that were featured by the NLF, I realised something rather bittersweet. I […]

Creature Chronicles: Creating Exciting Animal Stories

By Ashika Thusu Samuel, Educator A masterclass on Day 2 of the Neev Literature Festival was overflowing with many participants and eager students wanting to join in and learn how to a creative animal story. The session was to be conducted by renowned, award-winning author Bijal Vachharajani and prolific, award winning illustrator Rajiv Eipe (out […]

What’s in a Wordless Book? | A Reading of My Street

By Supriya Prakash, Educator A wordless book? The name seems to say it all—it is a book without text where the story is told solely through the art. Images tell the stories and they must be read as carefully as any text. Artists are literally writing with pictures. While similar pictorial choices are made when […]