Jamlo Walks: Sensitising Young Readers About Life During Lockdown

The COVID-19 induced pandemic caused a major shift in all of our lives. While this meant switching to virtual workspaces or watching children struggle with online classes for most of us, many were helpless as their lives were turned upside down in a matter of days. The lockdown was hard for all of us, but […]

Behind the Scenes: The Making of an Author


As Stephen King put it, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” Inspiration, creativity, motivation, rewriting, editing – these are a few terms that belong permanently in every author’s vocabulary. For Maulik Pancholy, the author of The Best At It, […]

The Magical World of Pictures and Stories: In Conversation with Thomas Taylor


Having begun his career as an illustrator whose debut project was the cover art for the immensely popular Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Thomas Taylor showcased his writing prowess through his first novel Malamander. Malamander, the first book in the The Eerie-on-Sea Mysteries, was an instant hit with kids, parents, teachers and librarians who […]

One with Nature: In Conversation with Rohan Chakravarty


With quirky illustrations that seem to pop right out of your screen, author-illustrator Rohan Chakravarty walked us through his new book, Naturalist Ruddy: Adventurer. Sleuth. Mongoose. What really set apart this session of the NLF Reading Challenge was the purely interactive approach with which Rohan gripped everyone’s attention.   Naturalist Ruddy is about your average mongoose […]

Hope in the Face of Hopelessness: In Conversation with Divya Arya


“There’s one question I get asked a lot, about the impact my book had on the two protagonists, Saumya and Duaa”. Divya Arya kickstarted her session for the NLF Reading Challenge by elaborating upon this very aspect. Her book Postbox Kashmir explores the intertwined lives of two girls, Saumya and Duaa, one letter at a […]

The Strong Waves of Empathy: In Conversation with Julian Sedgwick


For Julian Sedgwick, Tsunami Girl is the product of his lifelong immersion in Japanese culture, history, and beliefs, alongside his friendships rooted in the nation. It is a dedication to the communities who were affected by the 2011 Great Tōhoku Earthquake. During the NLF Reading Challenge, he spoke in detail about his experience of writing […]

A Closer Look at The World Around You: In Conversation with Katherine Applegate


Katherine Applegate is an author whose concern for the environment and the world around her makes its presence felt across her work. Her book, Willodeen, was described as a “cheer-worthy, inspiring, animal-centered tale”.  In her writing, it’s always the final sentences in each of her chapters that really hits the point  home for the readers, […]