Unveiling Layers: A Masterclass in Close Reading with Colin and Anuradha

By Vaishali Ghosh Basu, Educator On Saturday, the first day of the Neev Literature Festival, a masterclass on close reading led by the dynamic duo, Colin Kelman and Anuradha Ruhil Barua, left participants spellbound during a 45-minute session that transcended the ordinary. Both distinguished DP teachers in the IB curricula and members of the Neev […]

From Gond Art to Animation: Masterclasses at NLF

By Shashank Pai, Grade 11 The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘master’ as ‘someone having or showing great proficiency’. This proficiency was on full display during the masterclasses at the Neev Literature Festival 2023. I had the pleasure of attending three masterclasses discussing topics such as Gond art, graphic novels and animation. The first masterclass about creating […]