Are We All the Same? Exploring the A-Z of Culture

By Ananya Malde, Grade 11 Day 2 of the Neev Literature Festival 2023 witnessed an enlightening and engaging event, The A-Z of Culture, conducted by writer and publisher, Akhila Das Blah. She began by posing a fundamental question, “Are we all the same?” This interactive session managed to capture the audience’s attention, leaving both adults […]

​​Goshtarang Adapts Moin and the Monster For the Stage

By Vaishali Basu, Educator Vikas Kamble, Yogeshwar Bendre, Harshala Sharma, and Vardhan Deshpande from the Maharashtra-based theatre troupe Goshtarang created a magical world with their adaptation of the beloved story Moin and the Monster by Anushka Ravishankar. The performance, enhanced by basic audio effects and minimal stage props, showcased the power of imagination, leaving young […]

Changing Times, Changing Values: The Lives of Digital-Era Teenagers

By Kavya Arjun, Grade 11 Renée  Watson, Ashim Ahluwalia, Jane de Suza and Dhooleka Raj broke all taboos during their panel discussion Changing Times, Changing Values held on Day 1 of the Neev Literature Festival. The session saw four powerhouses, highly acclaimed in their respective fields, offering their perspectives on the complexities of navigating teenage […]