What Would You Do If Elephants Ruined Your Backyard? | Young Readers Write

By Neyamukil, Grade 3

What would you do, if elephants came and ruined your backyard? That is what happens to a girl called Bumoni in the story Bumoni’s Banana Trees.

First, what is this story about? It is about a girl called Bumoni who lives in Assam. Her house has a BIG backyard FULL of banana trees. She lives next to a river, on the other side of which there is a national park. Suddenly, some elephants storm through her backyard, looking for bananas. What does her family do about it? What would you do about it?

This book has great illustrations. The one I like most, is the one where the elephants are crunching up bananas. Also, the descriptive text enhances imagination. The sentences are short and crisp. This book is an ideal, short read.

Knock, knock  

Who’s there?


Water who?

Water you waiting for? Buy this book!  


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