One with Nature: In Conversation with Rohan Chakravarty

With quirky illustrations that seem to pop right out of your screen, author-illustrator Rohan Chakravarty walked us through his new book, Naturalist Ruddy: Adventurer. Sleuth. Mongoose. What really set apart this session of the NLF Reading Challenge was the purely interactive approach with which Rohan gripped everyone’s attention.   Naturalist Ruddy is about your average mongoose […]

The Seed of a Story

Katherine Applegate told us that the inspiration for a lot of her books comes from the news, “There was a Muslim family that had moved into a small town in the United States, and somebody had put a note on their door that said, Go away. We don’t want you here. It was outrageous…we were […]

Engaging Deeply with Books

The NLF Reading Challenge 2022 brought together 10 to 13-year-old book lovers from around the country in a bid to not only get them to read more, but also to read better. Through author sessions, writing prompts and book discussions led by reading guides who oversee children’s reading, we hope to encourage children to read […]