Deepak Dalal is a Chemical Engineer from Washington State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science – Technology, Chemistry and Physics. He has taken to researching and writing of children’s novel full-time and spends considerable time visiting schools for talks on books, environmental matters, conversation and creative writing. His stories typically have a strong natural history base. The idea is to create a connection between children and wildlife. For a year Deepak taught in an international school (School of the Nations) in Macau, China. Based on his Andaman novels, he was selected to attend the Highlights Children’s Writers’ Conference 2003 in United States. He was honoured by Sanctuary Magazine in 2004 for increasing awareness of Indian children about wildlife and ecological issues and for fostering in them a love for wild places. His two Sahyadri Adventure books were shortlisted for the Vodafone Crossword Book Award for the best children’s book of the year 2011. Deepak is currently working on two children’s books – A Dolphin Adventure Story set in the Arabian Sea and an illustrated series of books – the ‘Feather Tales’ series for younger children.Delegate | 2018, 2019

Nature, Environment, and Storybooks | 2019

Triggering Imagination | 2019