Jwala Kumar and the Gift of Fire: Adventures in Champak Bagh

Author: Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar Publisher : Speaking Tiger Publishing Private Limited About the book: Is Jwala Kumar a bird? A bat? A chameleon? Or is he something no one has ever seen before? And did he really just fall out of the sky into Champakbagh?Mohan Chandar lives with his wife and three children in the […]

Ahimsa 🏆

Author: Supriya Kelkar Publisher: Scholastic India  About the book: New Visions Award Winner! Can one girl make a difference in the destiny of a nation? It is 1942 and 10-year-old Anjali’s mother has joined India’s freedom struggle. Anjali gets unwillingly involved in the turmoil. She has to give up her biases against the Dalit community, […]

When Jiya Met Urmila 🏆

Publisher: Duckbill Books and Publications Pvt Ltd Author: Shabnam Minwalla About the book: When Jiya meets Urmila, she sees a loud girl with a fierce expression and too-bright clothes. Urmila sees a snooty girl with a dull dress and no spunk. Can they ever be friends?

The Ammuchi Puchi | NBA Honour

NBA 2019 Honour Book | Emerging Readers Author: Sharanya Manivannan Publisher: Lantana Publishing  About the book: ‘When Anjali and I were really little, we were sort of afraid of our grandmother, Ammuchi…’ Aditya and Anjali love listening to their grandmother’s stories, particularly the scary one about the ghost in the tree. But the night their […]

The Adventures of Mooli and the Bully on Wheels

Author: Asha Nehemiah Publisher: Scholastic India  About the book: Meddlesome Mooli and Maths whiz Soups are on a mission to win a prize on a cool new website. Join them on an awesome adventure to outwit a bully, make crazy art and create confusion. The Bully on Wheels is the second in this series of […]

The Adventures of Tootsie and Lama

Author: Stuti Agarwal Publisher: Juggernaut About the book: In many ways, Tootsie Lama is like any eight-year-old girl in the small hilly town of Darjeeling. But in many ways, she is completely different – she lives on her own, goes to bed whenever she likes and cooks her own meals. One day Tootsie decides she […]

Petu Pumpkin Cheater Peter

Author: Arundhati Venkatesh Publisher: Duckbill Books and Publications Pvt Ltd About the book: When Petu starts cheating, his friends are sure he is headed for a life of crime. They try everything to stop him hypnosis, a home-baked truth serum, a D-I-Y polygraph. Will they succeed?

Flying with Grandpa

Author: Madhuri Kamat Publisher: Duckbill Books and Publications Pvt Ltd Illustrator: Niloufer Wadia  About the book: We need to take him out of here. Xerxes will never grow up with Mamavaji around. ‘Xerxes’ mother wants him to be like JRD Tata, but all Xerxes wants is to be like his Grandpa – his beloved Mamavaji. […]

Thukpa for All

Author(s): Praba Ram, Sheela Preuitt & Shilpa Ranade Publisher: Karadi Tales Company Pvt. Ltd About the book: Tsering can’t wait to taste his grandmother’s delicious noodle soup. He invites a string of friends and neighbours home. But as preparations get underway, there is a power cut and the house is plunged into darkness. Will Abi […]

The Tale of Babban Hajjam

Author(s): Ira Saxena & Mayukh Ghosh Publisher: Karadi Tales Company Private Limited About the book: Babban Hajjam is curious to know why barbers who go to the palace to give the king a haircut never return. When it is his turn to be summoned, Babban gets his answer. Will Babban stay out of trouble by […]