The Magical World of Pictures and Stories: In Conversation with Thomas Taylor

Having begun his career as an illustrator whose debut project was the cover art for the immensely popular Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Thomas Taylor showcased his writing prowess through his first novel Malamander. Malamander, the first book in the The Eerie-on-Sea Mysteries, was an instant hit with kids, parents, teachers and librarians who […]

The Books That Spoke To Authors

Popular author Thomas Taylor says that all the books he enjoyed reading as a child also found a home in his own writing. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien—one of the books that had a huge effect on him—opens with a map and he decided that he’d put one in his book too, when he wrote […]

Snippets from Virtual Sessions: Life Beyond Words

While the pandemic pulled us apart, the collective experience of isolation and pain also unified us and brought us together. Over the last two years, writers from around the world have joined us virtually to talk about writing, reading and leading life through an overwhelming time. As we inch closer towards the end of the […]

Malamander: Book Review | Young Readers Write

We invited young readers to share their thoughts on the books they liked the most from the NLF Reading Challenge 2022 list. Here is what an avid reader from Grade 4 had to say about Thomas Taylor’s middle-grade novel Malamander.  Aadya Singh from Neev Academy, Bengaluru writes:  “Malamander is the story of a Lost-and-Founder at […]