Kamakshi Pappu Murti is a retired professor of German Studies. Her fictional writing includes a collection of short stories, children’s books and murder mysteries. “Lalli’s Window” (2017), “Murders Most Matronly” (2017), “Bandilanka’s Forgotten Lives” (2021), “Murders in the Ivory Tower” (2021). Murti’s scholarly writing is devoted to multi-cultural issues: “India: The Seductive and Seduced ‘Other’ of German Orientalism” (Praeger, 2000) and “To Veil or not to Veil: Europe’s Shape-shifting ‘Other’” (Peter Lang, 2012). Murti is presently working on a series about two teens, Yasemin and Nirmala (“Yasemin and Nirmala: A Tale of Two Teens”) who have disabilities and challenge them in different ways.