Asha Nehemiah’s stories for children are a mix of humour, fantasy and adventure. She writes for children of all ages and her stories have been translated into Hindi, Tamil, Assamese and Bengali. She believes that stories are a wonderful way to get children thinking and talking about various issues.She lives in Bangalore with her family. Apart from reading and writing, she enjoys walking, baking, watching movies and playing bridge. Her published works include: Granny’s Sari, Wedding Clothes, Children’s Surprise Gifts, The Runaway Wheel, The Rajah’s Moustache, Mrs Woolly’s Funny Sweaters, – Zigzag and Other Stories, – The Mystery of the Secret Hair Oil Formula, -Sir Lawley’s Ghost and Other Stories. Asha’s stories also appear in Anthologies of children’s fiction published by Puffin and Scholastic and in many English readers used in schools.