The Little Ninja Sparrows

Author: Ranjit Lal  Publisher: Speaking Tiger Publishing Pvt. Ltd.  About the book: Chiddy and Gouri, two baby sparrows, are bullied mercilessly by their elder siblings. They are so traumatized that they absolutely refuse to learn how to fly. Instead, they run away, kindly assisted by Breaking Wind–a jovial breeze. But they quickly discover that the […]

The Boy Who Swallowed a Nail and Other Stories

Author: Lalita Iyer Publisher: Scholastic About the book: Appa is busy trying to buy a buffalo, Amma is wondering where to hang a clothesline in Dhanulti, while Cheenu has happily swallowed a nail! Lalita Iyer’s family is always up to something. Read about their quirks and adventures in this charming collection of stories.“Lalita Iyer is […]

Flipped: Funny Stories/Scary Stories

Author: Various Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books About the book: The Flipped anthology series gives you two themes, two covers and two sides to open the book from… and you get to choose! Now you don’t need to keep a book away if you don’t like a story or a theme; you only need to flip […]

Tiger by the Tail | NBA Honour

NBA 2018 Honour Book | Young Readers Author:  Venita Coelho Publisher: Hachette India About the book: Tigers are being reported missing from wildlife reserves across India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Several hundred tigers have vanished. Something, or someone, is taking them. And if they are not stopped, this could mean the end of the species. It […]

Dead As A Dodo

Author: Venita Coelho Publisher: Hachette Book Publishing India Pvt Ltd About the book: Mission Brief: Somebody is on an extinction operation, stealing all the last specimens of highly endangered species. This mysterious crook has somehow managed to discover the impossible – a living specimen of Raphus cucullatus, aka, the dodo. Yes, the same flightless bird […]

Timmi in Tangles | NBA Honour

NBA 2018 Honour Book | Young Readers Author: Shals Mahajan Illustrator: Shreya Sen Publisher: DuckBill Books  About the book: Timmi has to untangle a lot of things in life. Her mother wants her to go to school although she is a raja. Idliamma consumes all of her idlis, but everyone thinks Timmi ate them all. […]

Tiger Boy 🏆

Author: Mitali Perkins Publisher: Penguin Random House Charlesbridge About the book: Neel’s parents want him to win a scholarship, and go to the big city to study. But Neel doesn’t want to leave his beloved sundarbans, with its and then a tiger cub goes missing from the reserve! The evil Gupta wants to sell the […]