The Tree Lover

Author: Ruskin Bond Publisher: Puffin books  About he book: Everything that you’ve always loved about Ruskin Bond is back His mesmerizing descriptions of nature and his wonderful way with words—this is Ruskin Bond at his finest. Read on as Rusty tells the story of his grandfather’s relationship with the trees around him, who’s convinced that […]

I Will Save My Land 🏆

Author: Rinchin Illustrator: Sagar Kolwankar Publisher: Tulika Publishers  About the book: Mati pesters her grandmother and father for her own plot of land in the big field. When she does get it, she works hard. And then she hears that a company wants to make a coal mine in their village – the enormous black […]

Catch That Cat!


Author: Tharini Vishwanath Illustrator: Nancy Raj Publisher: Tulika Publishers  About the book: When her friend’s cat, Kaapi, gets lost, Dip Dip goes off to look for it – on the road, Inside dustbins, behind houses, under bushes, everywhere. And when Kaapi finally climbs up a tree and can’t come down, the only thing to do […]

Bhimrao Ambedkar: The Boy Who Asked Why


Author: Sowmya Rajendran Illustrator: Satwik Gade Publisher: Tulika Publishers  About the book: The life of an extraordinary man, whose questioning ‘why’s led him to fight untouchability, urge Dalits to protest against the inhumanity they suffered — and finally, to help draft the Indian Constitution that would ensure equality for all. Visualised with quirky imagination, this […]

Janice goes to China Town


Author: Anuradha Sengupta  Illustrator: Kalyani Ganapathy Publisher: Pratham Books  About the book: Janice sets off to Kolkata’s Chinatown along with her Grandma. Join her as she discovers this heritage district.

Ammachi’s Amazing Machines


Author: Rajiv Eipe Illustrator: Rajiv Eipe Publisher: Pratham Books  About the book: Sooraj and his grandma LOVE inventing! Join them on their latest adventure: using simple machines to make coconut barfi!

Our Incredible Cow


Author: Mahasweta Devi Illustrator: Ruchi Shah Publisher: Tulika Publishers  About the book: Nyadosh the cow has a fierce gleam in her eyes and a furious appetite. She chomps on textbooks, feasts on frocks and devours anything blue in colour. But once this incredible cow gets onto the ilish fish trail, there’s just no stopping her…. […]

Thukpa for All


Author(s): Praba Ram, Sheela Preuitt & Shilpa Ranade Publisher: Karadi Tales Company Pvt. Ltd About the book: Tsering can’t wait to taste his grandmother’s delicious noodle soup. He invites a string of friends and neighbours home. But as preparations get underway, there is a power cut and the house is plunged into darkness. Will Abi […]

The Tale of Babban Hajjam


Author(s): Ira Saxena & Mayukh Ghosh Publisher: Karadi Tales Company Private Limited About the book:Babban Hajjam is curious to know why barbers who go to the palace to give the king a haircut never return. When it is his turn to be summoned, Babban gets his answer. Will Babban stay out of trouble by keeping […]

The Clever Tailor


Author: Srividhya Venkat & Nayantara Surendranath Publisher: Karadi Tales Company Pvt. Ltd About the book: Rupa Ram is a famous but poor tailor with an unfulfilled dream – to stitch something for his own family. So, when he receives a gift of a saafa, he is inspired to do just that! At the heart of […]