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  • Interactive sessions
  • Book Award
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NLF 2019 aims to synthesise this in eight ways: deeper conversations, shorter discussions, kids writing, book readings, workshops, community outreach, marketplace, and our flagship book prize. The festival will feature Indian authors experimenting with the changing world of stories, some international authors that up the standard, and ensuring that all our conversations are relevant for children’s writing and reading.

Deep Dive – Limited audience with great patience!

Deeper conversations around three major themes (yet to be finalized):

Theme 1
The Futurist / Entropy

  • Consciousness awakening – AI, Conflicts, Controlling ‘Us’
  • What kind of superheroes do we need? How does the brain reinforce this need?
  • Dystopia as a commentary on where we are headed
  • Taming the modern beast – environment, sustainability, development, progress, science,

Theme 2
Learn/ Unlearn from History

  • Why does history need to be captured in books and stories?
  • How do missing stories impact our world view?
  • Complexity of teaching / writing history in India (oral traditions)
  • Link to languages
  • Revisionist history
  • Biased sources

Theme 3

  • What is reading?
  • Digital brain vs Text brain
  • Working with language
  • Visual communication vs Text – Why some authors switch to images – Chris Priestly, Neil Gaiman
  • Changing language complexity in books
  • The impact of leaving out language from books

One writer will curate each theme. Conversations will run for two hours or as long as it takes to extend and cover all aspects of the theme through multiple, short, and moderated conversations. This part is for the not-so-faint-hearted. It caters to people truly interested in the deep dive – the chai and adda types!

Short interactive sessions

This part builds on last year’s feedback from kids, parents, authors, illustrators, and librarians. This tasting session will visit many short and interesting themes interactively, such as:

  • Immersion theatre experiences on different stories
  • Spoken Word and other poetry
  • New Book Launches
  • Sharing stories
  • Book/ character quiz
  • Gyan in Disguise – ‘How-to’, Why-to’, ‘What-to’ conversations


This part will provide enrichment, but in bite-size 15 min sessions


Workshops for children, librarians will continue as earlier, and added to this will be workshops for parents this time.

Book Readings                                

Sharing favorite excerpts, illustrations, back-stories and more, book readings by authors will continue to grow.

Kids writing for kids

This is something new we hope to launch this year in response to many children writers that want to share their creations. This section will be curated by an author who was once a child author herself.

Book Reading

Sharing favorite excerpts, illustrations, back-stories and more, book readings by authors will continue to grow.


Last year we had over 5000 titles for all ages, genres, and readers. This year our curated market place for books will be even better!