When Jiya Met Urmila

Author: Shabnam Minwalla

Publisher: Duckbill

About: When Jiya meets Urmila, she sees a loud girl with a fierce expression and too-bright clothes. Urmila sees a snooty girl with a dull dress and no spunk. Can they ever be friends?

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When Jiya Met Urmila
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 3 reviews
by Mehr Sohal on When Jiya Met Urmila

This book represents the classic "tale of two cities" with an Indian twist– two girls from different backgrounds meeting to prove that they can indeed become friends to tackle a common enemy. The cultural differences between Jiya and Urmila are interesting to read about; but what is even more interesting are the uniting similarities that subtly destroy the barriers of social segregation.

by Ananya Gupta on When Jiya Met Urmila

When Jiya met Urmila a thrilling book written by Shabdam Minwalla about two adventurous girls and how they take revenge on a mean man mr.Jajoo . both girls come from a different background but find an unexpected friendship between them which helps them through every obstical. The book taught me that you coming from different backgrounds does not mean that you can not work together and be good friends who are always there for each other.overall i feel Shabdam Minwallas book when Jiya met Urmila is a humoures and inspiring which every body should read.

by Raina Varma on When Jiya Met Urmila

i would give the book a three because of how neat and well organised it was .

one of the things i did not like in the book was that there were too many adjectives and sentences describing them.i could tell how the book would end. one moral that i think came with the book was that no matter where you come from or how rich you are you can always be friends.overall the book was fine