The Torchbearers

Author: AB Majumdar

Publisher: Puffin

Young Zara sits alone every evening, in a dump yard on Sunderbaag Street. One day, the gate creaks open, and in walks Miss Gappi. She plants an idea in Zara’s mind. This sets them off on a mission that changes Zara’s life and the lives of many who live on Sunderbaag Street.

He finds that the gods’ last hope lies in the hands of those who channel the mysterious powers of the Vedas. Caught in a cosmic crossfire, with a talking fish, some inventive monkeys and a few unexpected allies, Prem learns of his true identity-as a Torchbearer.

Can the Torchbearers stop bloodthirsty demons from getting their hands on the Nectar of Immortality and bring the gods back to power?