The Rise of the Midnight King

Author: Olivier Lafont


Publisher: Speaking Tiger Books

“Every summer, twins Shari and Tal Kandhari, sisters Iti and Trikaya Pillai, and Safir Idris holiday in Devagarh, a village high in the hills of Kumaon. Here, they’ve set up the Kumaon Secret Society, or the KSS. This summer they have a new member: the mysterious Isaac Shroff.

Also back in Devagarh is Mesmerizing Mister Mer, the strange and cruel magician whose appearance has timed perfectly with the disappearance of all cats from the village. As the KSS sets out in search of the cats, it reaches the forbidden village of Yakshagarh, where a whole new world slowly reveals itself to them.

The Rise of the Midnight King is an edgy, action-packed fantasy—full of wit and high adventure—that will enthral and captivate readers of all ages.”

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Neev Literature Festival
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by Reviewed Adrita Ganguly - Gr 6, edited by Kriti Sarawgi - Gr 10 on Neev Literature Festival

Every summer, twins Shari and Tal Kandhari, sisters Iti and Trikaya Pillai, and Safir Idris holiday in the picturesque village of Devagarh; a place wherein wifi and television are unheard of. Together, they formed the KSS - “Kumaon Secret Society.''
One year, quite a racket ensued when the enigmatic Isaac Shroff arrived in Devagarh and became the newest addition to the Society. What began as an innocuous quest to discern the whereabouts of the cats in Devagarh, soon steered the six children into the formidable, and supposedly haunted forest of Yakshagarh where they encountered the sinister presence of an absurdly tall magician, Mister Mer.
In the wake of their meeting with the giant-like magician, the KSS discovered a parallel world that exists between the cracks of Devagarh; an alternate dimension. They befriended the Rakshasi Kariba, who informed them that Mister Mer’s intentions are malicious. These six friends soon unearthed their unconventional powers. The question remained - “will they be able to use their newly-found abilities to discover what Mister Mer wants from them and how they fit in the grand scheme of things?”
The plot is wonderfully structured in a manner where readers are kept on their toes, yet can follow the events that take place in the story. The author of this novel, Olivier Lafont, has managed to give a voice to the most trivial characters, making the story easy to relate to. He has beautifully woven words into sentences that hold great meaning, ensuring that monotony is out of the question. This book will unquestionably surpass your expectations of a fantasy novel.